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Endurance coaching

Let's MOVE Together

  • You might have heard that "Cycling is the new golf". 

  • Cycling and Running are taking the world by storm and quickly rising to the fastest growing sports on the planet.

  • Structure, guidance, consistency and accountability are some of the keys to achievable the results you want in whatever sport you find yourself taking part in*. ​

  • Having a coach to walk the journey with you, is a great way to help you achieve your goals.

  • Here's what's on offer:

Daily Coaching and Support through, TrainingPeaks, WhatsApp Text and Video.

A professionally designed exercise program put together to help you achieve your goals.

Your program is built around the training resources you have available.

Nutrition advise as we journey together.

Access to our Members only Facebook Page with live streamed UFO Online Group classes and other awesome content.**

A link into a community of likeminded people on a similar journey towards you.

Pricing on our UFO Online Endurance Coaching:

Let's Journey together


Step 1. Let's Meet

First step is a video or in person meeting (Cape Town only) to discuss where you are at, what time you have available, and what your goals are.

Step 2. Program design

Team UFO connects to our clients through an incredible partner product that allows us to connect to you in real time, monitor your progress and output and easily adjust your program where necessary.


Step 3. Let's Get Started

Now with the plan in place, we can start the journey towards your goals.

Step 4. Stay Connected

Stay connected with your coach daily, stay accountable, ask questions, connect and enjoy the journey.





Personalised Training Plan (best for cycling and running coaching), fully adjustable plan, nutritional advise, daily feedback.

R1100.00 a month


Personalised Training Plan, nutritional advise, weekly adjustments to plan, weekly feedback session on WhatsApp.

R800.00 a month


Training Plan, Basic Monitoring of your progress with

a bi-monthly 

feedback session on WhatsApp

R650.00 a month

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