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Let's Get Fit Together

  • Have you always wanted the services of a personal trainer? But it's always been out of your reach, either financially or time wise?

  • Urban Fitness Online has just the solution for you!

  • We offer:

Daily Live Fitness Classes via Zoom or our Member's Only Facebook Community Group.

Fitness in your living room, office, closest green area, or any where else you decide to train.

We offer 3 different fitness levels – Novice, Intermediate & Advanced.

Our instructors are all qualified fitness professionals.

A social, fun aspect to training and you don't need to leave your house.

A link into a community of likeminded people on a similar journey towards you.

Join the community


Step 1. Let's Get you in.

This is simple...  

Step 2. Follow the prompts and join the community

Once we receive your details we'll add you to the Members only group and the Members WhatsApp community if you're a Zoomer.


Step 3. Let's Get Started

Join your first class and Let's Get Fit Together!

Step 4. Stay Connected

Stay connected daily via the Facebook Community, stay accountable, ask questions, connect and enjoy the journey.

Join the WhatsApp group

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Unlimited Zoomer

Unlimited Live Zoom Classes & access to the Member's only Facebook Community for you

R650 a month

The 10'Er

10 Live Zoom Classes for you 

R550 a month

The Fiver

5 Live Zoom Classes for you 

R450 a month

Unlimited Facebook

Unlimited access to the Facebook community and classes for you

R250 a month

Unlimited BUDDY's

Unlimited Live Zoom Classes & access to the Member's only Facebook Community + 1

R1050 a month

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